The Maeda Spider Crane was developed for use in the stone industry throughout Japan, but recently has been finding new markets in curtain wall installation, glass installation, plant equipment installation works as well as the building and repair of factories across the globe.
For indoor work, the Maeda Spider Crane is becoming more and more popular as the electric motor allows work to be completed without gas emissions in confined areas.

Crawler Cranes are another series of Mini Cranes that Maeda manufactures. With their compact body and small tail swing, these versatile cranes are mainly used in confined construction work sites and civil engineering work sites.

Maeda is the pioneer of spider crane manufacturing and the range of Spider and Crawler Cranes have always held top market share in Japan. Maeda has been creating products to meet global needs since 1980, and have grown to be the world’s largest Mini Crane manufacturer.


market share in Japan


Model MC 285C-3
MC 305C-3 MC 405C-3 MK 1033CW-1
Max Lifting Capacity (M) 2,82t x 1,4M 2,98t x 2,5M 3,83t x 2,7M 0,99t x 1,3M 4,9t x 2,1M
Max Boom Length 8,7 M 12,5 M 16,8 M 11,3 M 16,5 M
Source Power Diesel + Electric Diesel + Electric Diesel + Electric Diesel + Electric Diesel
Operating Weight (Ton) 1,9 T 3,9 T 5,6 T 2,3 T 9,45 T

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