POTAIN has led the world in tower crane and self-erecting crane production since its inception in La Clayette, France in 1928. Over 100,000 Potain cranes have been sold and installed on some of the most prestigious job sites around the world. The company offers more than 60 models in a variety of product ranges.

The Top slewing cranes (GME cranes) have their reputation for being easy to adapt to their working environment; sites which are high up, crowded or widely spread.

The MCT 205 is the new topless version that replaces the previous MC 205B. Maximum working radius has been increased to 65m. Hoisting mechanisms for this crane are all variable frequency type.

Model MCT 205 MC 310
High Under Hook Free Slanding 59,4 m 52,4 m
Max. Jib Length 66,5 m 70 m
Max. Lifting Capacity at The Tip Load 1,75 t 3,2 t

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